Homemade Sunburn Protection…

When in high sun and heat, ya got to protect yourself….even in the hills of Vermont, the sun can be strong and daily exposure can add up.  I am not a fan of sunscreen because more often then not, they are riddled with the very chemicals that probably cause skin cancer.  That being said, we have indeed broken down our ozone so our exposure risk is even greater today than ever before.  When we travel to Central America, I go all out with the Zinc Oxide and when in the hills of New England, I try to be good too with natural protection.  Here is a great short vid by the crew at Korduroy on how you can make your own at home.  You can mix a little of this concoction in your daily moisturizer for a touch of protection or use it when you know you will be out in the sun all day…..Thanks again crew at Korduroy TV!!!

Food As Fuel….Performance Nutrition Class at the Confluence on June 21st!

On June 21st from 5:30 pm to 8 pm, I will be teaching a class all about nutrition for the mover and shaker.  It will be held at The Confluence in Berlin, VT…read on….

Do you want to take your athletic conditioning and performance to the next level?  Are you looking to prepare your body nutritionally for that next race or competition but are lost as to how to go about that?  Are you confused with all the information out there telling you what to eat and when to eat it, to get you to that next level?  Are you a die hard crossfitter, a marathoner, or you want to be one, a biker, an obstacle racer, weekend warrior or an everyday mover and shaker looking to gain the most from your workouts, your training and your everyday movement sessions?

Then join us in the FitPark, our outdoor classroom, for a class that will answer those questions & more. Physical activity, athletic performance & recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition.  We’ll discuss the foundations & the specifics of athletic & performance nutrition, appropriate selection of foods & fluids, timing of intake & supplement choices for optimal health, exercise performance and recovery.

Some topics that will be covered include:

  • The Protein Low Down
  • Healthy Fats for Fuel
  • How and When to Use Carbs to your Benefit
  • Supplements of all sorts…from protein powders to omegas, to superfoods to MRP’s
  • Alkaline vs Acid
  • The Key Vitamins and Minerals for Optimal Performance
  • Electrolytes and Recovery Foods
  • Pre-race prep, mid race fuel and post race replenishment
  • And we will attempt to debunk some of the myths that abound!
  • You will also leave with a sample of the Roots Wise Recovery Blend

Call or email Megan at 603-674-7249 or megewroot@yahoo.com to pre-register or with any questions.  The cost of the class is $35