Movement for Life and an Ode Mocean365!!

Mocean=Movement Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days of the Year!!!

Recently Skye of Mocean365, my partner, posted a video that we just caught wind of, about a 71 years young man, moving for life. It was an inspiring video to watch and feel! I have to say that this man reminded me quite a bit of my guy Skye, as many of you felt, I am sure.

One of our other favorite movement guru’s is a guy by the name of Frank Forencich, who wrote a great book entitled…”Change Your Body, Change the World”. One of the beginning paragraphs in the book is a bit of a disclaimer….it states:

“Before beginning a life of sedentary living and isolation from the natural world, see your physician, your therapist and your insurance agent. While your at it, check with your family and friends. You are about to embark on a perilous lifestyle that is dangerous not only to yourself, but also to those around you”

Skye and I both greatly believe that in order to live well, you must move well and eat well. We both just want to see people being the best they can be and feeling the best they can….we want people to be stoked on life!! This in turn will make for a better community, a better society, and a better world. So many people are fatigued, depressed, anxious, overweight, diseased etc. And we don’t have to be!!! Recently I read a report from years of research that stated that “1 in 10 deaths around the world are DIRECTLY related to inactivity” and that “1/3 of the world’s population is FAR below the already low activity recommendations”. We are literally killing ourselves off by not doing anything.

Let’s move! We have legs and arms that work, let’s use them! Let’s change our bodies so we can change the world!

So, now I want to take a minute to go off about Skye and what he attempts to share each and every day… Skye is an extremely passionate man. He is passionate about life, passionate about people and passionate about movement. Every day I watch him share his passions and his talents…his gift for inspiring others. When we move, we move not just for strength but also for a chance at a longer and healthier and thus happier life, just like Mr. Jepson in the video below.

Many of those that have taken a class with him see this. Those that have stayed with him, know this. There are some folks that may come to a class and be looking or expecting to get their ass kicked… sometimes they do and other times they don’t… in the traditional sense that is. Skye incorporates skill building, balance, mental challenges, and agility skills as well as strength skills. Some folks are surprised that this incredibly fit man with about 4% body fat is having you do something like walking on a log with your eyes closed, juggling a stick in the air, throwing a ball against the side of a building, playing ultimate ball….and ask “wait a minute, shouldn’t I be doing a ton of pushups or a million squats or something?!” If they don’t come back, b/c they didn’t get their ass kicked in the traditional workout manner….they are surely missing out. To you folks i challenge you to come back, to look outside the box, to train the muscles that you dont use when just doing pushups or squats all the time. I challenge you to let yourself learn about your body, to use your braun and nervous system as well…you will be hooked!

Then there are those folks that think we are “crazy” or “extreme” but have never experienced a Mocean365 class….I challenge you to take a class with Skye, sign up for one on one and open your eyes to a new way of being….you will be hooked!! It’s about play base dynamic movement for life so you are strong and fit but also agile, flexible, balanced, smarter and happier!!! Doesn’t sound so bad eh?!

Yes, you will do some pushups, plenty of burpees and experience a fair amount of grueling sessions! But you will also walk away with a new perspective….you will have felt like a kid again, you will have challenged your balance and your mind….helping spur on the growth of those all important neurotransmitters, and you will, whether you realize it or not, be helping yourself become a better individual with a better chance for a healthier life now and as you age.

Each one of Skye’s classes is different and varied…why because he wants you to excel in life, he wants you to move well, he wants you to be healthy and to be happy. All of these things combined can help you have that. Those of us that train with him feel a sense of specialness, a sense that “wow, we have him to ourselves”!!!

Skye is thinking about us as individuals now and also thinking about our futures. I live with the man, i hear his rants, his drive to better himself and help others do the same. Trust me when i say this man wants the best for everyone!! Thank you Skye for sharing your passion, for being you, for not compromising your classes to amp up your numbers…for not calling it boot camp or core strength class or any of the other catchy tag lines. Thank you for bringing us Mocean365!!!

Check out a class and get in Mocean!

Then Check out this video below of Stephen Jepson, get out in the playground and never leave!!!