RootsWise Wellness Nutrition Class in Lyndonville, VT!! Nov 13th!

Megan Walsh, certified nutrition consultant, registered nurse and clinical herbalist, of RootsWise Wellness will be offering a super informative and well rounded nutrition class at Lyndonville Family Chiropractic on Wednesday November 13th from 6-8pm. There is so much confusing information out there in the world of nutrition as it relates to optimal health, healthy and sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance and using food as fuel to energize your life. We will touch upon all these areas, clear up some confusion and dive into what it really takes to feel and look your healthiest, how to achieve sustainable weight loss and how to bring energy and vitality back into your life for good! We will also answer questions related to the whys and hows of living and eating and living in a primal or paleo way.

So join us this Wednesday the 13th, for only $20, in Lyndonville, Vt! Call Megan with any and all questions or to save your spot! 603-674-7249

Class location: Lyndonville Family Chiropractic Health Center                                                                   At                      11 Hill Street Lyndonville, Vt. 802-626-5866