Nutrition Class Series in Oregon!

A kick ass 4 week series is starting February 4th! This series will run every Wednesday in the month of February on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30. 

Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon! If you are interested in hosting this series at your business or in your community in Oregon…hit me up! See the contact page for email & #

Class #1…..The Roots!  Feb 4th:  In this foundations class we will be talking REAL nutrition. We will dive into the physiology & science of real food nutrition in an easy to comprehend & then put into practice kind of way. We’ll cover the what, why, how much & what kinds of carbs, proteins & fats, as well as the role of the all-important blood sugar balancing act that is vital for ALL! We will also debunk some food & nutrition myths so we have a solid base for the rest of this series & our lives!

Class #2….The Trunk!   Feb 11th:  The trunk is our core. It is where all things stem from. The essence of our health lies here. It is the digestive system & the brain! We will dive into the importance of digestive system health & how to obtain it as well as the crucial gut-brain connection. That buzz word…the “microbiome” will also be hashed out. Many ‘ah ha’ moments!

Class #3….The Burl!  Feb 18th:  A burl forms in a tree in response to some kind of stress. Humans become ‘inflamed’ from a variety of everyday ‘stressors’. We will discuss the importance as well as the detriments of inflammation…as it often is the true cause of most all dis-ease. We will talk gluten, grains, & autoimmunity, as well as heart & joint health.

Class #4….The Branches!  Feb 25th:  In order to branch out, to grow, to flower and flourish…we need to fine tune our inner workings. We need solid ENERGY!! We will dive further into adrenal & thyroid function & the health of our hormones in general. What drives us? What gives us lasting vital energy so we can thrive & not just survive!

Cost: $100 for the 4 week series or $30 drop in