Hi everyone!!  My name is Megan and I am excited and ready to help you accomplish your goals as they relate to better nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle!  I am a certified clinical herbalist, certified nutrition consultant, nutrition educator and registered nurse.  I have been studying & practicing nutrition and herbal medicine for over 17 years & teaching nutrition, wellness, and herbal medicine classes and offering consultations for over 10 years.  Optimal nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle and when combined with physical fitness, it can help you be your healthiest you to live a life full of vitality and adventure!                              

Good health is an inner level of being, that sets the grounds for physical, mental and spiritual well being. It is the ever-evolving end result of a combination of hereditary, environment, nutrition, lifestyle and movement. 

My passion revolves around living ROOTS WISE!. Living roots wise is about living life passionately, consciously & full of spirit, as well as healthily so you can continue to do all the things in life that inspire you & make you feel alive!

As a nurse I see, all too often, the unhealthy state that many people have gotten themselves into. My passion lies in turning that aroun through, nutrition, movement and lifestyle! Rootswise offers a well rounded program…education for a healthy lifestyle based on holistic principles that focus on physical, memtal, emotional, spiritual and nutristional health. Empowering people to take their life, mind and body, into their own hands & make it the best life yet for themselves & for all those around them!

I believe physical movement is key in this quest for health and therefore work with Skye of Mocean365 to help you achieve greater health through movement as well!  Check out his website at:  http://www.themoceanproject.com

All Photos on this site by:  Skye of Mocean365 ….Thank you Skye!!!

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