One Thumbs Down and One Thumb Up…..

Wow! So last night Skye and I went to see the movie “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” and I gotta say we were pretty damn disappointed! I gave it one thumb up and one down b/c I appreciate the point CJ Hunt was trying to make….he just did it rather poorly!

I was excited for this movie b/c i felt the producers could have really driven home some great info to the public…but that was not so. This movie is essentially attempting to communicate that we come from a 2 million year old history of being meat eaters and foragers….a time in which we thrived. It is trying to give credence to the Paleo diet as well. Through poorly edited interviews with some incredible scientists, authors and anthropologists etc, the creator of this movie is offering what could be a great glimpse into why we should be eating in a Paleolithic manner….the way our ancestors ate and the diet our ancestors thrived on.

We got that point. We also got the point that since homo sapiens started eating grains and less protein and fats, our brains began to deteriorate and the onset of modern day diseases began to develop. Unfortunately this movie could not deliver these messages adequately. Skye and I know a thing or three about nutrition, our history and our diets effect on the body, but for the average person looking to learn a thing or two about these things….it did not deliver and I would not advise spending your money on seeing it.

The movie was poorly shot, poorly edited, overstimulated you in the effects and therefore took away from the message. The people CJ Hunt interviewed are some of my favorite authors etc and he made them sound rather inadequate with the clips he choose.

Instead of seeing this movie, I would suggest checking out the Weston Price Foundation, the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Robb Wolfe’s book “The Paleo Solution” or some of Loren Cordain’s work if you are interested in this info or this way of eating.

This week look for more from me about the Paleo diet, what it’s all about and how to get it right. I will also be teaching a Paleo class this Sept at The Confluence in Berlin, Vt so stay tuned for more info!


In Search of the Perfect Human Diet….

This week, starting on Friday evening, the Catamount Arts Center in St Johnsbury, VT will begin showing the movie “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet“.  I am stoked to see this movie as I have been hearing about it as it’s been in the works for quite some time and features some of my favorite nutrition authors, who include folks like Gary Taubes and Micheal Eades, amoungst others.  And I am stoked to share this with others!!

Soooo…on Sunday the 5th at 7:30 we will be heading to the Catamount Arts Center in St Johnsbury for date night!

Come join us in checking the movie out!

For the next week, I will blog about topics that are covered like the paleo diet, primal eating, transitioning to eating this way, why elements of paleo eating and living might work for you and how it is also about a lifestyle and not just a way of eating. 

Check out the trailer for the movie and come join us!!

How to Make Your Own Greek Yogurt…By the Health Nuts at Korduroy TV!

The crew at Korduroy TV run the range of providing great surf films, hilarious surf films and footage, always interesting and often inspiring “inner views”, killer DIY projects and a page called “Health Nuts” where they always present ways to cheaply, efficiently and healthily (if that’s a word) whip up some favorites…from foundation foods to funky foods.  Here is a link to their “How to Make Greek Yogurt” video….check it out and do it up!  After watching the video, that page provides the written description of how awesome yogurt can be and how to do what the video showed.



GMO’s: Get Monsanto Out!

With all the news of Monsanto these day, all the people fighting back….here is a film to watch to let you in on what is up.  This is an excellent – short film that all should see!  It effects each and everyone of us and to deny that is to deny what is going on around you. Please, please pretty please take the 6 minutes out of your busy life and watch!!

This film was created by Jeremy Seifert who also did the film I posted awhile back…called “Dive: Living Off America’s Waste”…here he is again as a food and people advocate….thanks Jeremy!!

For more info on what is happening in the world of food and food freedom…check out Food Democracy Now.


The other night we watched a movie called “Dive: Living Off America’s Waste”.

“Digging into the hidden recesses of the American food industry, this eye-opening documentary reveals the appalling amount of edible, nutritious goods that are thrown away — wasted — every day in a nation where millions of citizens still go hungry.”

Watch the trailer here:  Dive!

An excellent movie about just how much food is wasted every single day at sooo many food stores across this country.  It is absolutely appalling.  This movie chronicles one man and a few friends journey as they raid dumpsters (Trader Joe’s in particular) of still good, NOT out of date foods in an attempt to feed their families as well as their needy community.

Jeremy Seifert is the man behind the movie and has made it a mission to get these large companies to do something more with their waste.  This waste has a HUGE financial, environmental, and societal impact in this country as well as around the world.

“Every year we throw away 96 billion pounds of food”  That’s 3,000 pounds a second!

“It takes 7 pounds of corn and 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef”  That’s a big environmental impact!  That doesn’t include the human life that works to produce this food or grow those veggies….

“After cars, the food system uses more fossil fuel than any other sector of the economy – 19%”  Think middle east fuel dependency…

“40% of the world’s annual grain yield is fed to animals to produce meat”  That’s yet another reason to go grass fed!

These companies are throwing away foods that are not even out of date…with meats and such, they throw them away the day before….and these could be picked up by the local food banks etc, thrown in their freezers and feed to people in need.  Many companies will state that they do not donate these foods because of liability reasons…however if they were to take a moment to dig, they would find the Good Samaritan Act, passes in 1996.  This act encourages grocery stores to donate food and it protects them from being sued for doing so.

The take home message to me was: be mindful of our waste, find a good dumpster, eat grass fed meats, only buy what we WILL eat, grow more of our own food and sign the damn petition to get at least Trader Joe’s to donate more.

Even if you don’t watch the movie, check out the trailer and let’s be more mindful of our waste!!