Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

Why We Get Fat and What to do About It, by Gary Taubes:

One of my favorite nutrition authors discussing a very important topic in this interview…a topic he explores in depth in one of the most important books on diet and health… on! And check out part 2 as well…well worth the read if you are interested in health and wellness as it relates to what you put in your mouth and what BS we are served regularly on these topics….

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Any book by Sally Fallon…such as Nourishing Traditions:

Primal Body, Primal Mind:  by Nora Gedgaudas

It Starts With Food: by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

Many Others…. (inserting pics is getting a little tedious!)

  • The Omnivore’s Dilema:  Michael Pollan
  • The Mindful Carnivore:  A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance: Tovar Cerulli
  • In Defense of Food:  Michael Pollan
  • Nutrition and Evolution: M. Crawford
  • Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine; Improving Health and Longevity with Native Nutrition:  R.F. Schmid
  • Peak Performance-Radiant Health; Moving Beyond the Zone:  B.S. Peskin

Lots of writings by David Wolfe:

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