Nutrition & Wellness Consults

This is the place where the change happens…the personal and community revolution can begin.! As an Herbalist and Nutrition Consultant I attempt to give people an alternative to choices about health…the knowledge to put their health back into their own hands with the help of herbs and nutrition, and the guidance as a practicing clinical herbalist & nutrition consultant to do so. The consults are centered around choosing herbs & foods for optimal health. Roots Wise also works closely with Mocean365, an action & adventure based movement company, to help bring fitness back into your life as well.

Food as fun, flavorful, functional FUEL!

Optimal nutrition and wellness is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and when combined with physical fitness, can help you live a life full of vitality and adventure!

Roots Wise offers nutrition counseling to get REAL food back into your life and your lifestyle.

What is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultation all about?

The nutrition part of the consultation takes a look at how food fits into your life, what foods fit into your life, how your food choices affect your overall health or any specific health issues you may have. We will address your current state of health and how, together, we can work to resolve those issues. We will address your specific goals and you will learn how you can incorporate healthy food choices, herbs or supplements, into your life or each meal to get the most out of life and reach your goals, whatever they may be!

Whether your goals are:

  • Overall nutrition education and what are healthy food choices for you
  • Weight loss or muscle gain
  • Implementing optimal nutrition for your training/athletic goals
  • Nutrition or herbal alternatives for specific health concerns
  • Learn about the role of nutritional supplementation in your life
  • Maximize food and minimize non food

What you can expect to do:

  • Complete a health questionnaire that addresses your current health, nutrition, fitness, environment and lifestyle status that we will review together
  • Complete a food journal and continue to keep a record of your food intake throughout the time we work together
  • Generate short term and long term goals
  • Commit to work hard to reach your goals and be honest with yourself and your counselor
  • Focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance for total mind, body and spirit wellness
  • Have fun, be positive and keep moving!!!


  • Initial Individual Consultations: Sessions last 1 – 1.5 hours and includes a detailed, individualized plan , lots of great education and a 30 minute follow up phone call!  $75

For 50 Day and 100 Day Challengers:  You will receive a 25% discount on all of the above prices! 

Ready to get started?!

Contact Megan at


If you want to get the most out of your body for your every day, if you want to feel ALIVE, if you want to keep rockin’ in everything you do…then you must look more closely at food as your fuel!

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