Roots Wise Cleanse

Our bodies take a beating, both good and bad, every day with what we put into them, how we treat them, what surrounds them in our environment and how we move them. The ugly truth is that we live in a world where we are exposed to more toxins than our bodies are designed to handle. We store heavy metals and other pollutants in our bodies that can be found in the air we breath, the water we drink and even in the objects we choose to surround ourselves with.  Cleansing helps our bodies detoxify, recover, replenish and become reinvigorated so we can keep doing the things we love with all the energy we want.

Roots Wise Wellness has been helping people cleanse and detoxify for years.  Through this experience, Roots Wise has created an effective, energizing, yet easy detoxification program that anyone can follow and feel incredible with!  There are so many incredible benefits to giving your body a rest, getting really clean on the inside and getting deeply healing foods into that incredible body of yours.

Spring and fall are both great times to clear out the stagnation and debris that has accumulated in our bodies throughout the seasons.  In a basic way, health maintenance is relatively simple: give the body what it needs, don’t let it have too much of what it doesn’t need, and it will essentially run itself.  When this simple equation gets out of whack, imbalances occur and the toxins we are exposed to may not be eliminated quickly or efficiently enough. Cleaning out these unhealthy materials, gently, safely and naturally, can result in renewed strength and vitality!

A good detox program will nourish and heal all the components involved in the body’s natural cleansing process.  Most popular/fad cleansing methods today only focus on purging toxins through elimination, leaving the body depleted and stressed….they are often for quick weight loss and advertised with a celebrity’s face…that is NOT what cleanses are all about.  The Roots Wise Cleanse is a basic, effective and rejuvenating cleansing program that I have designed as a gentle detox plan that will balance blood sugar, heal the important intestinal villi, thin the bile, flush the liver, and reset digestive strength.  The Roots Wise Cleanse is also a great start to build a foundation for a new way of eating for a healthier lifestyle!

Herbs, food and exercise are the foundation vs fasting which only increases the potential for loss of essential nutrients.  Follow this program for 7-10 days and you will feel revitalized, energized and cleansed!

So come join me for a cleanse class where you will learn all about cleansing and detoxifying, why we should do it, how we should do it and the great benefits that you will reap.  You will be set up with a 10 day program to detox your bodies, shed some excess weight, re-energize, get rid of some funky issues and get a new perspective on health. The results are amazing both in body and mind!
This class will also provide you with the following:
  • Shopping list for the 10 days 
  • A sample menu
  • Cleansing food recipes
  • Hints and tips to make life easier not harder during the cleanse
  • 10 days worth of Roots Wise Detox Tea
  • A fiber and greens powder blend
  • Access to me everyday of your cleanse via email or phone for any questions or concerns and for support and accountability.

Contact me for info on classes or hosting your own class!

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