“Do What You Love and Help Along the Way”

jonwatercomp2 Waves for Water is a guerilla style humanitarian aid organization that I am super inspired by. Their mission is simple…to provide clean water to every single person who needs it. A mission and a goal that spans all of humanity, a goal that is integrous, real, accessible and so damn important! Water is at the root of basic human needs, human rights and human life. How awesome to help all folks access that thing which gives us energy, life and a sense of wellbeing! I heard about their work awhile back, it created a spark, it makes complete sense, it is fully down my alley of DIY, live your passion and give back along the way.  In complete support!

And am straight up asking for your support in the efforts to spread the mission of Waves for Water! I have signed on to be a Clean Water Courier, to purchase these filters with your help, and to bring them to areas in need along our travels. I will be heading to Ecuador this spring, coinciding with World Water Day which is March 22nd, and plan to bring filters, contact communities in need and get them access to clean water. As Jon Rose, the founder of Waves for Water puts it “it is not a matter of technology but rather access”. CWC’s are traveling to these areas, we can make the connection and create the access to that all important life sustaining element, clean water. We want to live out this guerilla campaign based around the spirit of adventure with a mission of giving. To know me is to know that I love adventure and following ypassions but also need to be giving back along the way, this is a perfect match! “Making a difference in this world is all about choice, and we all have a choice”. These filters are simple to assemble, easy to use and extremely accessible. One filter can provide clean water for 100 people each day for many years. The filters are only $50 each! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! watercomp jonwatercomparisonkidscleanwaterw4w 100kwwds m0003 quote All photos respectfully ‘borrowed’ from Waves for Water (well except the one of my hands in water)