Nutrition Class Series in Oregon!

A kick ass 4 week series is starting February 4th! This series will run every Wednesday in the month of February on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30. 

Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon! If you are interested in hosting this series at your business or in your community in Oregon…hit me up! See the contact page for email & #

Class #1…..The Roots!  Feb 4th:  In this foundations class we will be talking REAL nutrition. We will dive into the physiology & science of real food nutrition in an easy to comprehend & then put into practice kind of way. We’ll cover the what, why, how much & what kinds of carbs, proteins & fats, as well as the role of the all-important blood sugar balancing act that is vital for ALL! We will also debunk some food & nutrition myths so we have a solid base for the rest of this series & our lives!

Class #2….The Trunk!   Feb 11th:  The trunk is our core. It is where all things stem from. The essence of our health lies here. It is the digestive system & the brain! We will dive into the importance of digestive system health & how to obtain it as well as the crucial gut-brain connection. That buzz word…the “microbiome” will also be hashed out. Many ‘ah ha’ moments!

Class #3….The Burl!  Feb 18th:  A burl forms in a tree in response to some kind of stress. Humans become ‘inflamed’ from a variety of everyday ‘stressors’. We will discuss the importance as well as the detriments of inflammation…as it often is the true cause of most all dis-ease. We will talk gluten, grains, & autoimmunity, as well as heart & joint health.

Class #4….The Branches!  Feb 25th:  In order to branch out, to grow, to flower and flourish…we need to fine tune our inner workings. We need solid ENERGY!! We will dive further into adrenal & thyroid function & the health of our hormones in general. What drives us? What gives us lasting vital energy so we can thrive & not just survive!

Cost: $100 for the 4 week series or $30 drop in


Roots Wise Wellness!

A New Year is upon us and I have challenged myself as well as each and every one of you to make it the Best F-ing Year possible… for you but also for all of those around you!

Optimal nutrition and wellness is crucial to having the Best F-ing Year and a healthy lifestyle combined with physical fitness, can help you live a life full of vitality and adventure!  Roots Wise goal is just that….to offer you a guideline on how to get there and what that looks like in your own life.  Whole body wellness makes for a happier and more energized you, so you can spread that to those around you and help create a better society in the meantime!  Roots Wise Wellness Consultations cover whole body health… that includes nutritional health but also emotional, environmental, social and creative health as well.  I believe physical movement is also a major key in this quest for total health and therefore work with Skye of Mocean365 to help you achieve greater health through movement as well!  Check out his site at:

Roots Wise and Mocean365 together offer package plans available for you combining movement with nutrition and wellness counseling that are custom to you and as always, sliding scale pricing is available for all levels of income.  We would rather you take us on than be held back my money!

The Daily Practice will now be found here, as well as at The Mocean Project.  The Daily Practice is just that…about what we want and need to practice each day to create a life full of passion, learning, adventure and inspiration. We all have things we need to get better at or want to get better at… so I will be posting something new and exciting to think about each week for the Daily Practice along with a weekly blog about health, nutrition, food, herbs or whatever I diving into!

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So, are You Ready To Make A Healthy Change in Your Life??!!  The time is now!!  It’s About Living a Healthy and Fun Filled Life So You Can Do What You Love!!  Take a class, make an appt for a Nutrition & Wellness Consultation, MOVE and drink Mocean Mate!

Let’s all ‘Live ROOTSWISE!’  Ge back to your natural roots of eating well, feeling great and moving with energy!  Roots Wise Nutrition and Wellness Consultations can help you get there!  Offering 3 different levels of consultations to suit everyone’s needs. So whether you want me to simply review where you are at currently and offer ways to improve upon that or you want me to follow your eating and daily habits for an extended period of time to ensure the greatest results.  The consultations include a variety of offerings including  nutrition education, measurements, food journaling and reviews, supplement education and discounts, personalized meal plans, and more.  Check out the rest of the site for more info and be in touch!