I love working with people.  I do it out of a passion to see healthier, happier people.  The following statements of various clients is what keeps me going! Thank you!

Grateful for time spent with Megan Walsh of Roots Wise yesterday.  If you are ever serious about changing the way you view food and understanding it’s direct connection with your health – she is the lady for you.  It’s incredible to have a resource like this in our area. Someone so genuinely dedicated to educating others and guiding them with honesty and patience towards more mindful eating and ways of living.  If you ever find yourself interested in understanding food and your nutritional well being in a deeper way don’t hesitate to contact Meg :)”

“I can attest to how PRICELESS a consultation with Megan is!! She helped me fill the gaps in my diet to make it complete, which will help my whole being ROCK OUT for years to come!! I feel GREAT already, and it’s only been a week–thank you Megan!!!!!!”

Meg was extremely supportive, she is knowledgeable and responsive to questions and you just genuinely get the vibe that she is as invested in your well being as you are! Thanks Roots Wise!”

“Megan, your nutritional teachings have been awesome. I have learned SO much from everything you have shared. And, I have learned about some new (and nutritious!) foods that I love now! You are inspiring in the work you do not only on the nutritional side but also with the work you do with Skye.  You are such a wealth of knowledge and have such a gift for living life to its fullest.”

“Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with you. I’ve been sharing your insight with lot’s of friends. It’s like I have the key to unlock doors that have been locked for a long time.”

“Thanks for the great class and information! As always, you bring a wealth of knowledge and we’re grateful to have your expertise!!”

“Wow, great class tonight! Thanks soooo much Meg, you really know your Shit!”

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